Non-Profit Broadband Network Cuts Costs and Improves Healthcare with CenturyLink

Colorado Telehealth Network needed a cost-effective solution to provide rural communities with healthcare services that rely on broadband connectivity. CenturyLink partnered with this non-profit to build a secure MLPS network across rugged terrain that complies with HIPAA and reduces costs for patients across rural Colorado.

90 % Increase in Data Throughput Over HIPAA-Compliant Network

Isolated rural community clinics across Colorado suffered from lack of a high-speed, secure network. Without this they couldn't send data to medical experts in cities at reasonable speeds or provide essential health care services like MRI. Colorado Telehealth Network needed a partner to build a HIPAA-compliant network with the ability to change levels of service on the fly.

Colorado Telehealth Network partnered with CenturyLink to build a hub and spoke configuration that used CenturyLink Colocaton and IQ MLPS to connect healthcare providers across the rugged terrain of Colorado.


  • Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Network
  • 90 % Improvement of Data Throughput
  • Enabled Broadband Reliant Healthcare Services like MRI
  • Reporting and Inventory Monitoring through CenturyLink Control Center

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