CenturyLink® Disaster Recovery as a Services (DRaaS)

CenturyLink Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) changes the disaster recovery paradigm by utilizing the cloud to help protect your business from disruptions at a lower total cost of ownership.

DRaaS delivers Disaster Recovery (DR) at a more effective cost. It allows customers to move beyond just protecting the most critical systems (Tier 1); they can now add additional systems (i.e. Tier 2). While traditional DR is both expensive and inflexible, CenturyLink DRaaS provides robust disaster protection at a lower cost, and enables customers to meet the DR requirements of their stakeholders (business units, executive management and their customers) to ensure business continuity.

With CenturyLink DRaaS, you can protect your production virtual servers that reside in your internal data centers with replica instances that reside within CenturyLink Cloud. The costs of CenturyLink infrastructure are amortized across multiple subscribers, so your organization benefits from a much lower cost structure. More importantly, the replica servers in the CenturyLink Cloud are only activated (and billed for) in the case of a disruptive event or failover test, further reducing operating costs.

Data is replicated from the primary site to the DR site at intervals specified by the customer, allowing for alignment with the Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) required by the business. Customers are also able to specify the order in which the systems will start, allowing for DR testing without impacting production systems. CenturyLink DRaaS also reduces the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as it automates and orchestrates the startup at the DR site.


  • Multi-tenant CenturyLink Cloud model keeps costs down
  • Only pay for CPU and memory during a disaster or recovery test event; only pay for storage for data replicated in the recovery site
  • Automate testing without impacting production systems
  • Easily migrate from one location to another to meet business or audit requirements
  • Load balance applications across multiple data centers to minimize the impact of a single data center outage
  • Ensure RTO and RPO by application(s) versus a one-size-fits-all approach
  • GUI based failover allows for step-by-step DR failover
  • Near instantaneous failover and failback — limited only by boot-up times for protected VMs
  • Lossless VM migration between the customer site and the CenturyLink Cloud
  • Continuous data protection with up to 2048 checkpoints
  • Capability to perform non-disruptive failover tests as needed
  • Multi-OS support for virtual servers
  • Automated failover/rollback/failback scoping from individual servers to entire sites
  • Full featured multi-tiered security of CenturyLink Cloud
  • Scalable global infrastructure
  • IT Consulting: strategy, design, implementation, test
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