Superstorm-Proof Your IT Infrastructure: How To Achieve 100 % Resiliency

What’s Inside?

IT leaders know that achieving 100 % uptime is difficult under any circumstance. Learn how to arm your data center against an angry superstorm or other unthinkable scenarios when you download "Superstorm-Proof Your IT Infrastructure: How to Achieve 100 % Resiliency"; you'll also get an inside view into the rigorous time-tested processes CenturyLink used during Superstorm Sandy to ensure zero downtime for our customers. Can your IT infrastructure handle a disaster?

Who will benefit?

Infrastructure and other technology professionals of medium and large enterprises who are examining their IT resiliency strategy.

In this report, you will learn:

Best practices in extreme planning, process, and people training that have been honed by user experience in enterprise data center colocation services
Key elements of an end-to-end Disaster Recovery/Failover Plan
How with the right combination of planning, process, training and testing, your business can achieve total IT resilience


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Where digital business goes to network